Our company was invited to attend the lighting ceremony of World Light Festival at Sea

Opening of the Maritime World and the First International Lighting Festival in Shenzhen

On the evening of Dec. 20, witnessed by the attention of all, the marine world created by investment real estate was officially opened. At the same time, the first International Lighting Water Saving Show of "Chasing, Tracing, Guang and Jing" in the maritime world in 2013 also opened. This International Lighting Festival is not only the first time in the world at sea, but also the first time in Shenzhen.

On the scene of the event, the sea world gave back the expectations of tens of thousands of people around Shuixiu that night with its magnificent open water show, gorgeous creative lighting works and original exotic cuisine. More than a dozen lighting masters have created nearly 30 original lighting works, which are creative with the city, or imagine the future, or describe the seabed, or just some spiritual moments of life, showing their love for life and eternal pursuit of beauty.

As the main design unit of China Merchants Real Estate Maritime World Project, Dasheng, together with Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute and American Carrison, was invited to participate in the lighting ceremony of the Maritime Lighting Festival.

Over the years, the design team of Shanghai World Lighting Project, with Mr. Du Jianxiang as its chief designer, has devoted wisdom and sweat to this project. Thank you for your support to the design work. We are also very happy to communicate and communicate with Carrison continuously, so that we can work together to present an amazing lighting work.