Du Jianxiang: The Night Form of Signs

December 10, 2017, the second day of the annual meeting of Sealey Logo Design Office, 2017. The first speaker this morning is Mr. Du Jianxiang, General Manager of Shenzhen Dasheng Environmental Art Co., Ltd. He brought you the speech "The Night Form of Signs".



Mr. Du Jianxiang first explained the differences among signs, signs and guides. Then he showed you all kinds of night signs with pictures. Among them, he also mentioned that in fact, there are also various guides in nature, such as the Big Dipper, migratory birds and so on. Then Mr. Du Jianxiang introduced the concept of "light", such as lighthouse, which is a kind of light guide.





So, does the sign have a nocturnal form? Teacher Du Jianxiang said that people now seem to pay more attention to the design of signs in the daytime. In fact, the shape of the signs is very different between daytime and night. The signs at night are guided by light. Considering the environment at night and the characteristics of light transmission, the signs at night need to control light.



In recent years, Mr. Du shared some classic cases of Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers, Paris Eiffel Tower, Wuhan Wanda Square and so on with the experience of presiding over such large projects as Shenzhen Excellent Century Center, Shenzhen North Railway Station, OCT-LOFT Lighting Design of Overseas Chinese Town and Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Square. The brilliant speech won the unanimous praise of everyone.



Finally, Mr. Du Jianxiang talked about the new needs of the information and intelligent era. Light can be used to display volume by line letters, to guide and interact with people by combining the fluidity of light, and to make intelligent signs by light. However, Du Jianxiang concluded that no matter how intelligent development, its purpose is always to serve people.